Nakama: Open source multiplayer game server

Everything you need to make online multiplayer games in Godot, Unity, and Unreal. Use Nakama to create, deploy, scale and monetize competitve and social games.

Helping studios 10x revenue with competitive events

Studios that rely on Nakama

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Nakama is a truly unique product, beautifully implemented with only the best technologies.

We placed Nakama at the heart of our gametech stack with ease, and it continues to prove itself multiple times over.

There is no alternative!

Engin Erenturk - CTO at Gram Games

Middleware and gametech that puts you in control of your game server backend and online infrastructure

Nakama is the leading open source game server framework for building social and competitive online games in Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine, MonoGame, LibGDX, Defold, Cocos2d, Phaser, Macroquad and more.

Nakama is equipped with all the real-time multiplayer and social and competitive features you need for your game - all customizable from the client and on the server with Go, TypeScript/JavaScript and Lua.

Make real-time client server multiplayer games, customize the multiplayer matchmaker algorithms, add daily rewards to your game, create leaderboards, add in-game currencies, add real-time in-game chat.

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Real-time online multiplayer games

Easily create real-time online multiplayer gameplay with just a few lines of code. Build secure game servers with authoritative server-side logic.
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Build the best competitive games

Improve and maintain player engagement in your games. Keep players coming back by adding leaderboards, tournaments, daily rewards, season passes and more.
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Social features for every game

Every game can be social with Nakama. Grow a loyal player base and keep them entertained with social features essential for every online game.
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Develop the ultimate custom game server

Nakama is your dedicated server, not another multi-tenant SaaS. Add custom features and secure authoritative gameplay logic directly to your game server.
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Scalable Game Server

Supporting you from soft-launch all the way to the top of the charts. Designed for effortless vertical and horizontal scaling.

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Managed or Private Cloud

Nakama is cloud neutral and feels equally at home in Heroic Cloud, your private data center, or your preferred public cloud.

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Open Source Game Server

Develop locally, deploy anywhere. Nakama is open source, meaning you are in control. Own your infrastructure, own your data.

Use the languages and tools you already know

Make online multiplayer games in Unity Engine Make online multiplayer games in Unreal Engine 5 Make online multiplayer games in Godot Game Engine Make online multiplayer games in Defold Game Engine Make online multiplayer games in Cocos & Cocos2d-x Make online multiplayer games in C++ Make online multiplayer games in JavaScript HTML5 Make online multiplayer games in Android & Java

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