Social: build for player retention

The age of solo gameplay is over. With Nakama, your titles are social out of the box. Deliver socially engaging experiences to build communities within your games.

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Friends and Clans

Nakama puts friendships and groups at the heart of its data model for driving deeper engagement.

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Messaging and Chat

Realtime direct messaging, chat rooms, and group chats supported by in-game notifications.

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Social Sign-in

Integrate with Facebook, Steam, Google, and more for friction-free auth and friend imports.

Social means longer playtimes and boosted engagement

Social features increase long-term retention of players.
With Nakama, everything you need for social gameplay is right there at your fingertips.

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Nakama is Japanese for ‘friend’. So, not only are friendships integral to how Nakama works, but they’re also quick to implement.
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Groups and clans

Who wants to play every game alone? With groups and clans, you can deliver an added level of depth to your gameplay, giving players another reason to come back time and again.
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Messaging, status, and notifications

Whether your players are building lasting friendships or swapping casual gameplay tips, in-game messaging draws individuals and groups together in a way that brings them back to your game time and again.

With the help of Heroic Labs engineers we implemented Nakama into our project which enabled our studio to quickly develop and ship a title on an entirely new games platform in record time.

Matthew Wiggins - CEO and Founder at Mojiworks

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