🎉 Nakama 1.0 is now available! Get more details in this blog post.

Nakama Enterprise

Nakama servers are specialised for social and realtime apps.

State-of-the-art self-healing clustering technology, additional security features, and more.

  • Service Discovery

    Nakama nodes form a mesh network automatically.

  • High availability

    Built-in clustering technology ensures that servers are available even in case of a partitioned network.

  • Autodetect causality violations

    Nakama nodes resolve conflicts after a split-brain automatically using Dotted Version Vectors.

  • Operator-free

    Self-healing technology ensures state is always replicated even after nodes are replaced.

Live Support

Nakama is the open-source, scalable app server that makes building social and realtime apps dramatically easier. Build any kind of gameplay from MMO/MOBA to more casual social games.

  • Standard


    • Email support
    • 8 hour response SLA
    • Kick off call
  • Premium


    • 24x7 support
    • 4 hour response SLA
    • Dedicated email support
    • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Platinum


    • 24x7 support
    • 1 hour response SLA
    • Dedicated slack channel
    • 99.9% uptime guarantee
    • Hot fixes/patches for critical issues

Server licences

For deployments on your own cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.) or private datacenter, we offer our unique cluster technology to ensure high availability and easy scale out with a uniform cluster setup (no master/slave model).

The cluster will maintain connectivity and availability in partial failure scenarios such as hardware degradation and self-heal in poor network conditions. The cluster technology ensures you have failover protection and data replication across multiple servers.

Get in touch with us at contact@heroiclabs.com to discuss license options.

Professional services

  • Development Services

    Hands on training from a Heroic Labs engineer for your team to get up to speed on best practices and avoid development issues. This is available onsite or remote.

  • Dedicated Development

    Our engineers work directly with you on your projects. Get your game-specific features integrated by a Heroic Labs engineer. Speed up your development and accelerate your go live.

  • Please contact support@heroiclabs.com for more details and availability.

Private cloud

We will deploy, operationalize, and maintain a managed cloud on your Private Cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.). Our team will deploy Kubernetes+CoreOS and handle all metrics, logs, monitors, healthchecks, etc on your VMs.

Heroic Labs engineers will be your dedicated operations team for your infrastructure and handle all on-call responses needed in the event of server/cluster issues. This includes all server licenses needed to run your games at scale as well as our Platinum support license.

For more details reach out to us at contact@heroiclabs.com

private cloud graphic