Satori: Event Capture
High performance event processing

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Scalable event capture pipeline

Effortlessly increase pipeline processing power by running as a cluster.

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Nakama integration

Nakama publishes events to Satori, as well as use it to personalize responses to clients based on feature flags and experiments.

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Export events to Snowflake, BigQuery and RedShift

First-party support to export raw data to Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift in real-time.

High Performance Event Pipeline

  • Achieve Top-50 mobile game event throughput performance effortlessly.
  • Real-time event analysis which updates identity properties derived from events.
  • Built-in events to track session start/end, purchase actions, and more.
  • Real-time event stream to debug and observe player actions.

Event Taxonomy

  • Define a taxonomy to ensure client compatibility with data pipelines.
  • Taxonomy helps ensure clients send required minimal data in a structured format.
  • Use taxonomy for events and properties to build custom UIs in the Satori Console.

Data Lake Streaming

  • Export data to your own data lake system.
  • Export raw data in real-time to multiple adapters at the same time.
  • Run additional data analytics externally to Satori.
  • Run BI queries in your Data Lake against data aggregated from multiple sources.
  • Use segmentation results as specialized Audiences in Satori.

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