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Heroic Cloud Pricing

The hosted Nakama Enterprise solution with automated scale out.
Run and grow your apps with peace of mind.

Starter Professional
$600 $1000 $1600 $3200 $4000 $4800
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All plans include

  • Provided Nakama Enterprise
  • Provided Dedicated hardware resources
  • Provided Dedicated managed database instance
  • Provided Continuous Integration for server modules
  • Provided Load Balancer
  • Provided SSL Certificates
  • Provided Automatic Database Backups
  • Provided Log Aggregation
  • Provided Metrics and monitoring
  • Provided System Scaling
  • Provided No DAU/MAU/CCU limits
  • Provided Read more about Heroic Cloud

Heroic Cloud Pricing:

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Paid support plans for businesses with production applications who want a high-touch experience, guaranteed response times, and live communication with our support team.

Tier 1 $2,000/month

Email support

Monday - Friday

24 hour response SLA

No uptime guarantee

Tier 2 $6,000/month

Email support

Monday - Sunday

8 hour response SLA

2 consulting hours per month

99.5% Uptime guarantees

Enterprise Support

Email support

Monday - Sunday

2 hour response SLA

3 day solution consultation

99.9% Uptime guarantees

Private Slack channel

Direct engineering support

Realtime gameplay

Private Cloud

We will deploy, operationalize, and maintain a managed cloud on your Private Cloud (GCP, AWS, etc). Our team will deploy Kubernetes, our proprietary automation tools, and a chatbot for ease of deployment. We'll also handle all metrics, logs, monitors, healthchecks, etc on your machines.

Heroic Labs engineers will be your dedicated operations team for your infrastructure and handle all on-call responses needed in the event of server/cluster issues. Private Cloud includes all server licenses needed to run your games at scale as well as our Enterprise support license.

For more details reach out to us at

Professional services

Professional Services

We offer a range of expert consulting engagements that align with each stage of your project, from inception through to world-wide launch. We can also design custom engagements to meet your needs.

A team of solution architects and core engineers from the Heroic Labs team is available to help and advise in a number of ways on a project. We offer remote and on-site options for development, custom code, training and architectural review.