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Open Source

Nakama is the leading open source game server framework for building online multiplayer games in Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine, MonoGame, LibGDX, Defold, Cocos2d, Phaser, Macroquad and more.

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Real-time Multiplayer

Nakama is equipped with all the real-time multiplayer and social and competitive features you need for your game - all customizable from the client and on the server with Go, TypeScript and Lua.

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Competitive Multiplayer

Make real-time client server multiplayer games, customize the multiplayer matchmaker algorithms, add daily rewards to your game, create leaderboards, add in-game currencies, add real-time in-game chat.

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Nakama on GitHub

Fork Nakama on GitHub and contribute to open source by reporting issues, suggesting new features, and following development.

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Community Passion

Join our passionate open source community forums of hobbyists, indie and AAA studios and publishers, and the Heroic Labs team.

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Blog & Newsletter

Read our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest open source and product news, customer case studies and tutorials.

Open-source client libraries for Nakama

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Unity Engine / .NET

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Unreal Engine

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Godot Engine

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Cocos2d-x Engine

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C / C++

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Java / Android

Devices supported

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Social and Competitive Features

Core game technologies and infrastructure to accelerate your development and operations.

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Real-time online multiplayer games

Easily create real-time online multiplayer gameplay with just a few lines of code. Build secure game servers with authoritative server-side logic.
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Build the best competitive games

Improve and maintain player engagement in your games. Keep players coming back by adding leaderboards, tournaments, daily rewards, season passes and more.
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Social features for every game

Every game can be social with Nakama. Grow a loyal player base and keep them entertained with social features essential for every online game.
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Develop the ultimate custom game server

Nakama is your dedicated server, not another multi-tenant SaaS. Add custom features and secure authoritative gameplay logic directly to your game server.

An Open Source Community

The community is growing and we welcome feature contributions, bug fixes, documentation improvements, and any other ways you can contribute. Nakama developers use the GitHub issues tracker to share and discuss changes.

To get started with contributing, follow these steps:

  • Create a Git branch to work on
  • Commit your work with clear commit messages and sign-offs
  • Open a PR against the Nakama repository

Nakama Open Source Licenses

Server License

Apache 2.0. Commercial licenses are also available. Please Contact us for more information.

Client Licenses

All client libraries are licensed under Apache 2.0.

Third-party drivers

Licenses will vary. See the individual driver documentation for details.

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Nakama by Numbers


Used by 500k game developers, studios and publishers.

8 Years

Developed since 2015, with more than 60 releases.


Proven scalability with performance tests up to 2 million CCU.


Handles gameplay for over 1 billion players and counting.


Supporting our customers bring in over $1 billion in annual revenue.


Nakama serves over 1 trillion requests per month.