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Nakama with Amazon GameLift

Heroic Labs is thrilled to extend our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by integrating with Amazon GameLift to redefine session-based multiplayer gaming.

This partnership accelerates the possibilities for game developers, studios, and publishers worldwide.

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Elevating Multiplayer Gaming on AWS

Develop and orchestrate your games on AWS, harnessing the power of Nakama for engaging social interactions and the precision of Amazon GameLift for session-based multiplayer dynamics.

Nakama with Amazon GameLift
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Rich Social Features

Build vibrant communities with features like Friends, Real-time Parties, Groups, Leaderboards, and Matchmaking.

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Automated Scaling

Effortlessly scale your game fleet with Amazon GameLift’s automatic adjustments to player needs, optimizing resource use and cost while maintaining a seamless player experience.

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Fleet Management

Streamline your server operations with the open-source Nakama-GameLift Plugin, offering straightforward fleet control from setup to shutdown within Nakama’s ecosystem.

Nakama's social matchmaking prowess, when powerfully integrated with GameLift's fleet management, ensures that every player finds their perfect match in the most suitable server instances – it's a game-changer.

Mo Firouz, COO and Co-founder of Heroic Labs

Getting Started with Nakama and Amazon GameLift

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Get started with ease and elevate your game's multiplayer functionality to new heights. Our comprehensive documentation provides all the insights you need to harness the full potential of Nakama with Amazon GameLift.

Download the Open Source Plugin

The open-source Nakama-GameLift plugin is your gateway to integrating these powerful technologies. Download, contribute, and collaborate to shape the future of gaming servers.