🎉 Nakama 1.0 is now available! Get more details in this blog post.

Nakama Enterprise

The world’s fastest App Server for Enterprise projects

Nakama Enterprise is based on the Nakama open-source project. Nakama Enterprise subscriptions include a Nakama Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support, and best practices. Nakama Enterprise support guarantees that you will have access to the engineers who developed Nakama and ensures your projects launch on schedule.

What's Inside?

Built for the cloud

Production Nakama Release

Built on top of the battle tested open-source version of Nakama, Nakama Enterprise includes quality assurance testing, scale, and performance testing, supported OS validation, back-porting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, and security checks.

Ddos protection

Enterprise Only Features

The Nakama Enterprise roadmap includes exclusive enterprise features, including state-of-the-art self-healing clustering technology, additional security features, and more.


LiveOps Dashboard

Gain insights into your users. Support them by inspecting their purchases, interactions and easily modifying user data to simplify support operations. Available separately as a Liveops Dashboard, works in harmony with Nakama Enterprise.

Nakama Open-source Nakama Enterprise
Social API Available Available
Game API Available Available
Storage API Available Available
Client Support Native, Unity, Unreal, HTML5 Native, Unity, Unreal, HTML5
Custom code runtime Available Available
Plugins Some Available
Automated Upgrades No Available
Multi-datacenter No Available
Service Discovery No Available
High Availability No Available
Email Support (Business Hours) No Available
Support (24x7) No Available
Hot Fixes No Available
Long-term Support Last two minor releases. Available
License Apache 2.0 Commercial Proprietary License

Get Started with Nakama Enterprise

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Customer Success Program

Additionally, we offer Heroic Labs Professional Services, including:

  • Guidance on deploying and running Nakama in production.
  • Help in sizing and deployment plans.
  • Suggestions on choosing the best hardware and operating system combinations for your needs.
  • Assistance in gameplay network modeling and writing custom scripts.
  • Expert Nakama Training for your team.