Social Infrastructure at Scale

Nakama Enterprise

Multi-server clustering technology

In order to power projects with millions of users, you need to run a cluster of Nakama nodes to guarantee availability and failover. Our unique clustering technology includes:

  • Service Discovery

    Nakama nodes form a mesh network automatically and exchange state in realtime.

  • High availability

    Multi-server clustering technology based on cutting edge research into gossip protocols.

  • Autodetect causality violations

    Nakama nodes resolve conflicts after a split-brain automatically using replicated data types.

  • Operator-free

    Self-healing technology ensures state is always replicated even after nodes are replaced.

  • Nakama Open-source

    • Social API
    • Game API
    • Storage API
    • Client support for Native, Unity, Unreal, HTML5
    • Custom code runtime
    • Apache 2.0 Licence
  • Nakama Enterprise

    • All open-source features +
    • Node clustering
    • Automated upgrades
    • Priority support
    • Long-term support
    • Dedicated Slack channel
    • Hot fixes for critical issues
    • Commercial proprietary license
  • Production Nakama Release

    Built on top of the battle tested open-source version of Nakama, Nakama Enterprise includes quality assurance testing, scale, and performance testing, supported OS validation, back-porting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, and security checks.

  • Enterprise Only Features

    The Nakama Enterprise roadmap includes exclusive enterprise features, including state-of-the-art self-healing clustering technology, additional security features, and more.

  • LiveOps Dashboard

    Support users by inspecting their purchases, play sessions, and easily update player records within support operations. Available separately as a LiveOps Dashboard, works in harmony with Nakama Enterprise.

  • Long-term Support

    Heroic Labs provides maintenance and security updates for previous version of Nakama Enterprise.

Get Started with Nakama Enterprise

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State of the art Clustering Technology

Nakama Enterprise is based on the Nakama open-source project and includes our unique cluster technology to ensure high availability and easy scale out with a uniform cluster setup (no master/slave model).

The cluster will maintain connectivity and availability in partial failure scenarios such as hardware degradation and self-heal in poor network conditions. The cluster technology ensures you have failover protection and data replication across multiple servers. Nakama Enterprise automatically handles the sharing of data from users across nodes; whether that's for features such as in-game chat, matchmaking, multiplayer, and more.

Have a read through this blog post for more details on how the clustering technology works. Get in touch with us at to discuss license options.