Build rich multiplayer worlds with a powerful and flexible matchmaker. From competitive play, to more casual social, Nakama has you covered.

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Authoritative multiplayer

Have the final say. Run your game logic in Nakama to verify moves and maintain coherent game state.

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Relayed multiplayer

Super low-latency data relay for client driven multiplayer titles. Proven at scale on mobile networks.

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Matchmaking and listing

Lightning fast, massively flexible player and lobby matching based on any properties you choose.

Run thousands of multiplayer matches on a single Nakama server

From one player to millions, Nakama gives you a rock-solid foundation to deliver smooth multiplayer experiences at all scales.

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Server authoritative multiplayer

Maintain total control of your game state by running your game loop on Nakama.
  • Run custom code in Nakama to validate and respond to player input
  • Async real-time, active turn-based, and passive turn-based models
  • Keep the game universe moving by setting a custom tick rate - up to 30hz!
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Client relayed multiplayer

High throughput, low latency multiplayer for games with trusted clients.
  • Nakama distributes game data directly to all current match players
  • Super low overhead, making it easy to start and run matches for all game types
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Matchmaking and match listing

The most flexible matchmaking you’ll find, whether you’re matching players to matches or players to other players.
  • Custom characteristics for both players and matches, giving you total control
  • Make matches based on required, desired, and optional characteristics
  • Fast free-text search matching

Nakama has enabled us to quickly implement realtime multiplayer and complex matchmaking to our titles, allowing our teams to focus on building our games rather than services.

Alberto Xaubet - VP at GSN Games

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