Social Infrastructure at Scale

Managed Cloud

Hosted Nakama servers with automated scale out

Grow and scale your apps with peace of mind.

  • Always available

    Nakama Enterprise

    Nakama Enterprise is built on the open-source server and includes state of the art clustering technology.

  • Health checks / logging

    Easy Scaling

    Simple scale out allows you to go from a few servers to dozens within minutes.

  • Data backups

    Data backups

    Regular scheduled backups in case you ever need to roll back your app state.

  • Operations team

    Operations team

    No more waking up at 3am to reboot servers or tweak configuration settings.

  • Own your data

    Your application data belongs to you and is stored separately to all other users in our cloud. Easily export backups for your own analysis.

  • Multi-region deployment

    Managed Cloud servers are deployed on Google Cloud and are available in North America and Europe. A region in Southeast Asia will be added soon and other regions can be added on request.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Managed Cloud is fully compliant with the EU Data Directive. Your application data never leaves the designated region you've selected.

  • GitHub Sync

    Sync a GitHub repository with your cloud servers. Reload runtime modules automatically when new code is committed to the repository.

Simple Prices

Scale individual server and database resources. Deploy changes with a click.

  • Open-source


    • Social API
    • Game API
    • Server-side code
    • Run on any cloud provider
    • Apache 2.0 License
  • Managed Cloud

    starting from $599/month

    • Nakama Enterprise
    • Dedicated servers
    • Automated scale out
    • Automated backups
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • System metrics monitoring
    • SSL secure connection
    • Built-in load balancing
    • No CCU limit *
    • No DAU / MAU limit *
    *Limited only by dedicated system resources
  • Custom

    • Nakama Enterprise
    • SLA support
    • Uptime guarantees
    • Dedicated system resources
    • Unlimited automated backups
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • System metrics monitoring
    • Custom SSL certificate
    • Hot fixes for critical issues

Setup a cluster with our managed cloud

background-graphic background-graphic

LiveOps Dashboard

Manage your players, inspect data in the system, collaborate with your team, and run live operations. Ban, reward, and respond directly to your audience.

Give your team the tools they need to engage and retain your users, and let development focus on the experience. Adjust your app configuration at any stage through development and into worldwide release.

Have a look at LiveOps Dashboard for more details.

liveops dashboard
  • Always available

    Automatic monitoring of servers ensuring they're available and running at peak performance.

  • Expert Nakama engineers

    The engineers who crafted Nakama have seen it all, and will ensure that your servers have the latest updates, changes, and hotfixes without downtime or disruption.

  • SSL Secured

    All client connections to the server are secured using SSL connection. This is enabled by default at no extra charge.

  • No minimum commitment

    Managed Cloud contracts run on a monthly basis and can be stopped with 30 days notice.