Social Infrastructure at Scale

Managed cloud

Grow and scale your games with peace of mind.

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    Always available

    Servers can be provisioned across availability zones for no single point of failure.

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    Data backups

    Regular scheduled backups in case you ever need to roll back your game state.

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    Health checks / logging

    Automatic monitoring of servers ensuring they're available and running at peak performance.

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    Operations team

    No more waking up at 3am to reboot servers or tweak configuration settings.

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    Easy Scaling

    Simple scale out allows you to go from a few development servers to dozens in production.

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    SSL Encryption

    Encrypt client/server communication to ensure all information is transmitted securely.

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    DDoS Protection

    Protection against malicious attacks, DNS fallback, and more to protect your game and revenues.

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    Visual access to your users, easily modify data, and inspect server status.

  • Enterprise ready

    Spend more time building and maintaining your games, let us worry about operations. Our teams will take care of backups, monitoring, load balancing and will ensure your games are always available to your players around the world.

  • Expert Nakama engineers

    The engineers who crafted Nakama have seen it all, and will ensure that your servers have the latest updates, changes, and hotfixes without downtime or disruption.

  • I/O optimised - run only on SSDs

    Games are resource intensive and require the latest technology and hardware. We use SSDs to ensure there are no bottlenecks and you can maximise IO throughput.

  • Complete control

    Always have access and ownership over your games. With both Nakama and the database infrastructure open-source; you can modify, edit, or download your game at any time. No lock-in.

Setup a cluster with our managed cloud

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