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LiveOps Dashboard

Manage your users, inspect data in the system, collaborate with your team, and run live operations.

  • Live Operation

    Give your team the tools they need to engage and retain your users, and let development focus on the experience. Ban, reward, and respond directly to your audience.

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  • App Telemetry At a Finger Tip

    Visualise data in a powerful interface and empower everyone in your team to make practical use of your app's performance.

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  • Powerful Data Inspection

    Create, modify, and design stored objects. No need to write complex queries - you'll know exactly what you are working on.

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  • Invite your teams and collaborate with them

    Gain visibility into group projects, cut down on chaos, and increase team productivity. Invite anyone to join you on projects.

  • Configure your app on the fly

    Adjust your app configuration at any stage through development and into worldwide release. Don't wait for App Store updates to release changes which grow incredible experiences for your users.