Social Infrastructure at Scale


The eSports optimized game server

Deploy servers onsite, run tournaments, your custom rules.

  • Onsite deployment

    Deploy Nakama to any servers directly onsite for events. No special hardware or cloud service required.

  • LAN gaming

    No latency concerns, run on your own local network. No special router requirements or network concerns.

  • Realtime gameplay

    Nakama is designed to be realtime first. Run modern competitive games on a reliable and scalable server. Organise events of any size.

  • Same server

    Use Nakama for online and professional tournaments and build up to your local eSports event. Sync over user account data, leaderboards, clans and more.

Install in seconds on Windows, macOS and Linux

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  • eSports Tournaments

    Running an event isn’t easy - after you consider all of the logistics for the venue, event, and people - you’ll need reliable game servers built for your perfect competitive gameplay and depend on them at show time.

    Use Nakama to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. No dependence on external services, the cloud, or reliable internet at the venue itself. Run Nakama locally and connect your gaming machines directly.

    You can use Nakama for everything from hardcore realtime gameplay for PC gaming, to more casual social mobile games, and VR.

  • VR and Arcades

    VR arcades are growing in popularity, particularly in China and the rest of Asia. Run Nakama locally to power arcades and foster competition between players. No network reliability issues as you can cross-over Nakama locally as well as in the cloud for a seamless player experience.

    If you'd like to learn more about how we could help with your eSports/VR game projects and special capabilities of the game server which make it especially suited to competitive gameplay you can contact for more details.