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Clustering technology for the ultimate scale-out,
backing your most successful games

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Mesh networking

Nakama nodes automatically discover peers and form a network to synchronize state in realtime.

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High availability

No downtime no matter what with our cutting edge gossip protocols.

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Built-in resilience

The cluster will automatically resolve conflicts after a split-brain.

Power projects with millions of users

Run your game with Nakama Enterprise to guarantee high availability, automatic failover, and all the performance you need.

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All open-source features

Nakama Enterprise includes all the features available in Nakama Open-source.

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Easy upgrades

No changes in your code are required to upgrade to Nakama Enterprise from the Open-source version

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Automatic cluster recovery

With our state-of-the-art self-healing clustering technology.

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Long-term support

LTS releases of Nakama Enterprise let you choose when to upgrade.

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Hot fixes for important issues

No software is perfect, so Nakama Enterprise comes with guaranteed fixes for LTS versions.

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Commercial proprietary license

Nakama Enterprise is designed and licensed for commercial usage.

Nakama Enterprise automatically handles the sharing of data from users across nodes.

For all features including in-game chat, matchmaking, multiplayer, and more.

State of the art
Clustering Technology

We ensure high availability and easy scale out with a uniform cluster setup (no primary/replica model). The cluster technology ensures you have failover protection and data replication across multiple servers.

The cluster will maintain connectivity and availability in partial failure scenarios such as hardware degradation and self-heal in poor network conditions.

This blog post shows more details on how the clustering technology works.

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