Live Events #

Live events enable you to deliver established features on a schedule.

Similar to experiments, live events have a fixed duration and should track your defined goal metrics, such as engagement or return on ad spend (RoAS). Your live events may call for further experimentation if goal metrics start to fall or novel experiences are identified.

Battle passes, leagues, tournaments, seasonal events, special offers and even recurring messages or push notifications are all examples of live events players interact with on a daily basis.

Creating your live event calendar requires planning and should take into account event diversity, player availability and fatigue, and clashes with other internal and even external events.

The Live Events page in the Satori dashboard enables you to create, edit, and delete live events. You can review your existing events using a calendar view or a list view.

Live Events
Live Events

Creating events #

Click the + New Live Event button to open the Create Live Event modal, then enter the following details:

  • Name: Enter a unique name for this event.
  • Color: Select a color for this event. This color will be used to identify the event in the calendar view.
  • Description: Provide a description of the event.
  • Value: Enter the game data value, for example enabling a new feature or the corresponding currency reward, associated with this event.
  • Audiences: The audiences to participate in the event.
  • Monitor Metrics: The metrics associated with this event.
  • Reset schedule: Enable this option to be able to set a CRON expression indicating when the event resets and its duration.
  • Start Time: The date and time when the event begins.
  • End Time: Set an end time for the event. If a reset schedule is enabled, this field is optional and can be disabled.
  • Feature Flags: The feature flags associated with this event. The feature flag values set here override the default values set in the feature flags page.

Create a new Live Event
Create a new Live Event

Updating events #

From the Calendar or List view tabs, select the event you want to update to display the Update Live Event modal, allowing you to update any event details or Delete the event entirely.

Update a Live Event
Update a Live Event