Introduction #

Satori is the LiveOps solution from Heroic Labs, designed to help your game studio gain insights into your player base and identify actionable opportunities for growing your audience and revenue.

Use Satori to:

  • Capture data about how users interact with your game
  • Analyze that data for meaningful insights and opportunities
  • Test those opportunities to see their impact
  • Deploy successful features via remote configurations and live events

The following features are available in Satori:

Event Capture #

Send events and their associated properties for ingestion and analysis in Satori via our provided client SDKs. You can propagate events from Nakama automatically to have a full view of user activity and even receive events from any third-party systems you have in place.

Each game project has specific event names and predefined events. All of these events remain available in their raw format for your desired retention period and, beyond that, are combined into historical views you can use for comparisons.

All server data can be easily exported into your existing Data Lake, with high-performance data offloading processed in real-time.

User Identities #

All events carry the user’s identity information, with the ability to continually enrich this identity profile as more events are captured.

User identities can also track and store dedicated properties outside of events. These properties are important tools for creating an audience definition. Satori includes a comprehensive set of default properties, and the ability to add custom properties specific to your game.

The totality of these events and properties are available in every identity’s behavior stream, where you can view all captured events for that identity, view and edit all properties, and view the audiences this identity belongs to, the experiments it is involved in, and any feature flags and remote configs it can receive.

Audiences #

Audiences enable you to segment user identities into subsets based upon any desired filter.

You can use override rules to include or exclude any desired identities, making sure you target exactly who you want. Audiences can be created based on the result of a previous experiment or you can select a desired percentage of your users to use as a random test audience.

In addition to the audiences created in Satori, you can import read-only audiences from your existing, external business intelligence systems.

Experiments #

Satori enables you to run experiments on your defined audience segments, giving each segment a different data variant - a new game mode, new feature, etc. - and track your defined goal metrics over a desired time window.

When the experiment ends you can review all results and metrics, and get actionable recommendations on which variant and audience resulted in an improved player experience.

Feature Flags #

Integrated with game clients, Satori’s feature flag / remote configuration feature gives you fine-grained control over when, how, and to who new features and functionality in your game are released.

You can use feature flags across your entire user base or target them to specific audiences. Test a new feature in a limited market before releasing globally or give your VIP users a custom game mode.

Live Events Scheduler #

The Live Events Scheduler in Satori enables you to define any type of event - tournaments, battle passes, special offers, even messages and push notifications - and run it for any defined audiences or your entire user base.

Events are similar to experiments but differ in that they are meant to be recurring, such as a monthly battle pass or holiday offer. You can track any desired goal metrics for your live events (i.e. Return on Ad Spend) to identify which events are performing as desired and which could be improved (via further experiments).