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Identity Properties #

From the Identities > Properties tab you can view and edit all properties associated with the selected user identity.

Identity Properties tab
Identity Properties tab

Similar to Events, properties are an important tool used to define and enrich an identity profile, and ultimately used to define the audience segments for your experiments, feature flags, and live events.

There are three types of properties:

  • Default: Standard properties available out-of-the-box in Satori
  • Computed: Determined by user interactions with the game (e.g. authenticating and logging in for a sessionStart property)
  • Custom: Specified properties created to suit your application and needs

Default properties #

The default properties available in Satori include:

adStartedIndicates an ad has started on the client.
apiKeyNameThe API key (name) used when the identity was created.
appLaunchedIndicates the game was launched on the client.
emailThe email associated with this identity.
firstOpenIdentity creation time.
gameFinishedIndicates the identity has completed a game.
gameStartedIndicates the identity has started a game.
purchaseCompletedIndicates the identity has completed an in-game purchase.
pushTokenIosThe Apple iOS token for this identity.
pushTokenAndroidThe Android token for this identity.
pushTokenHuaweiThe Huawei token for this identity.
regionDetermined by geo-IP at startup. Unknown if it cannot be determined.
screenViewedIndicates this identity has viewed a defined game screen.
signUpIndicates this identity has enrolled in a defined game event.
tutorialCompletedIndicates this identity has completed a defined game tutorial.
tutorialStartedIndicates this identity has started a defined game tutorial.
tutorialStepCompletedIndicates this identity has completed a defined step in a given game tutorial.

Creating custom properties #

You can create any desired additional properties to more fully describe identities.

To create a new custom property:

  1. Click the + Add button to display the Create New Property modal.
  2. Enter your desired Property Name, up to 128 alphanumeric characters.
  3. Click Add. The newly created property now appears in the list of properties for this identity, with no value assigned.
  4. Select the Value field for the property and enter the desired value.
  5. Click Save to finalize the changes.

Editing properties #

You can edit the Value of any Default and Custom properties. To do so:

  1. Select the desired Value field and enter the new value.
  2. Click Save to confirm to change or Revert to undo and return to the original value.