Identity Events #

The Identities > Events tab enables you to view a chronological history of all actions associated with a particular identity. You can view when a play session began and ended, and all the events and achievements (e.g. joined a group, unlocked a new character, received a reward, etc.) that occurred in between.

Identity Events stream
Identity Events stream

The actions displayed are specific, predefined events in your game, enabling you to capture any details desired to understand and improve the player experience, engagement, and ultimate success of your game.

Default events #

There are a number of default events - events that do not need to be manually configured - available in Satori:

These default events must still be fired by your game client, if desired, and are not automatically tracked by the Satori SDK.

Some default audiences available in Satori are based on the computed properties generated from these default events. If these default events are not fired from game clients, the resulting audiences are affected.

adStartedstringIndicates an ad with the given identifier was started.
appLaunchedstringIndicates the application with the given identifier was started.
gameFinishedstringIndicates a game with the given identifier was finished.
gameStartedstringIndicates a game with the given identifier was started.
purchaseCompletednumericThe amount in US cents of the purchase.
screenViewedstringIndicates a game screen with the given identifier was viewed.
tutorialCompletedstringIndicates a tutorial with the given identifier was completed.
tutorialStartedstringIndicates a tutorial with the given identifier was started.
tutorialStepCompletednumericThe step number of a multipart tutorial that was completed.

A series of computed properties are automatically generated and tracked per identity for each of these default events, so long as the event is fired by the client.

Server-side events #

The default events, when fired, are sent to Satori from the client. However, there are three events tracked that can only be sent from the server and cannot be submitted from the client:

_identityCreateThe Satori identity was created.
_sessionStartA new play session has started.
_identifyThe Satori identity, and its session, are enriched and identified with the user’s (now authenticated) identity.

These events are used in situations where players have not yet authenticated with your game server, but you still want to track their activity. For example, if a player is playing your game as a guest, and then later authenticates with your game server. See an example.