Feature Flags #

Feature flags represent game variables that can be remotely configured from the server for any desired audiences. A flag can be a new feature that you want to release gradually, or an entirely different user interface tailored for each country or geographical region where your game is live.

From the Feature Flags page you can manage existing flags and create new ones.

Feature Flags page
Feature Flags page

Creating feature flags #

To create a new flag click the New Feature Flag button.

In the modal window enter the:

  • Flag Name
  • Description
  • Schema Validator to be used for data from this feature flag
  • Default Value for the flag

Create New Feature Flag
Create New Feature Flag

Editing feature flags #

Click on a flag to open it for editing:

Feature Flag details
Feature Flag details

You can edit the flag details and create new variants.

Variants #

When editing a flag you can also create new variants. Variants represent a different configuration of a feature flag that is created for a specific audience.

For identities that belong to multiple audiences, the variant with the highest priority is applied. Use the hamburger menu to reorder the variants according to your desired priority.