Audiences #

Use audiences in Satori to segment your player base into distinct groups based on shared properties. For example a VIP audience that you grant early access to new features, or separate audiences for each geographic region with each using different colors, themes, and assets.

Create your desired audiences using descriptive filters so that players are captured automatically based on the set conditions. You can then use overrides and excludes to manually manage the inclusion or exclusion of any identities from an audience.

From the Audiences page you can manage existing audiences and create new ones.

Audiences page
Audiences page

The Audiences page displays a table with all identities in the selected audience. You can delete or exclude identities using the inline buttons, and click on any identity to view the corresponding profile.

Filter #

Custom audiences can be created using a filter expression that defines the criteria for inclusion.

The filter expression is evaluated for each identity in the system and, if the result is true, the identity is included in the audience.

Overrides and excludes #

You can override an audience filter to include identities in the audience that would not otherwise meet the corresponding criteria, and use excludes to manually remove an identity from an audience despite them matching the defined criteria.

Audience details
Audience details

Use the Overrides and Excludes fields to enter the desired identity IDs to include or exclude. Multiple IDs can be entered separated by a comma.