Guides #

The core Nakama features provide the flexibility and functionality to create a variety of social experiences for your games and apps. Beyond the rich feature set, Nakama’s flexibility in how it can be deployed and utilized makes it an ideal solution for developers and studios of all sizes.

This section provides a collection of guides to help you get the most out of Nakama.

Concepts #

GameLift Fleet Management

Nakama provides an open-source integration with Amazon GameLift to manage your game server fleet.

Creating an Economy

Learn how to create and manage virtual goods and currencies in your game.

Bucketed Leaderboards

Create leaderboards with dynamic grouping for each player to keep competition engaging.

Custom Leaderboards

Create custom leaderboards for groups and their members or a player and their friends.

Tiered Leagues

Create linked leaderboards for a hierarchical league or tournament to keep players engaged and allocate rewards.

Daily Rewards

Implement a daily reward system for your game.

Custom Authentication with Third-Party Services

Authenticate users whose accounts are registered outside of Nakama.

Initialize New Users

Learn how to initialize users with relevant currency, inventory items, or anything desired.

Matchmaking Around Blocked Users

Learn how to prevent users from being matched with players they have blocked.

Passive Multiplayer

Learn how to create a passive multiplayer experience for your game.

Creating a Lobby System

Learn how to create a lobby system with public and private matches for your game.

Unread Chat Messages

Learn how to track unread chat messages for your users and retrieve only the latest unread messages.

Server Framework #

Satori Integration

Learn how to integrate Nakama with Satori via the server framework.

Background Jobs

Learn the best way to handle background job requirements in Nakama.

Debugging with Delve

Learn how to use Delve to debug your Go code in Nakama.

Guarding APIs

Limit client access to Nakama APIs to prevent malicious actors.

Sending Email Using SendGrid

Learn how to send email using SendGrid in Nakama.

Testing TypeScript Code Using Jest

Learn how to test your TypeScript server runtime code using Jest in Nakama.

Using Hooks

Learn how to use hooks to extend the functionality of Nakama.

Deployment #

Asset Management

Using Nakama as an asset management system.

Remote Configuration

Learn how to customize the behavior of your app using in-app parameters stored on a remote server.

Deploy on Digital Ocean

Learn how to install and deploy Nakama in a Digital Ocean droplet.