Accounts #

The Accounts page displays a list of all user accounts, searchable according to user ID and username. From here you can view, edit, and delete any user. See User accounts to learn more.

By default the System User is always present, represented by UUID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.

Console Accounts Page
Console Accounts Page

Select any desired user to view and edit the corresponding details. From the user details page you can:

Profile #

View and update the following user account details:

User IDThe unique identifier for the user. Read only.
UsernameA unique nickname for the user.
Display NameThe display name for the user, if any.
Avatar URLA URL with a profile picture for the user, if any.
LocationThe location of the user, if any.
TimezoneThe timezone of the user, if any.
Create TimeA timestamp for when the user was created. Read only.
Update TimeA timestamp for when the user was last updated. Read only.
MetadataA slot for custom information for the user - only readable from the client.

Console User Profile Tab
Console User Profile Tab

Authentication #

View the authentication methods for this user and link/unlink additional methods.

Console User Authentication Tab
Console User Authentication Tab

Friends #

View all friends for this user along with their state, and remove any friends as desired.

Groups #

View all groups for this user along with their state in each group, and remove the user from any groups as desired.

Wallet #

View all wallet ledger items for this user, and update the user wallet. See Virtual Wallet.

Console User Wallet Tab
Console User Wallet Tab

Purchases #

View transaction details for the user’s in-app purchases.

Storage #

View all storage objects associated with this user, filtering by collection and key.