Concepts #

Nakama provides many features to aid you in the development of your social, multiplayer and realtime applications.

This section collects all of the major features and dives into the theory and practice of each.

User Accounts

Every user is registered and has a profile for other users to find and become friends with or join groups and chat.


Friends are a great way to build a social community.

Groups and Clans

A group brings together a bunch of users into a small community or team.

Real-time chat

Users can chat with each other 1-on-1, as part of a group, and in chat rooms.

In-app notifications

In-app notifications make it easy to broadcast a message to one or more users.


Leaderboards are a great way to add a social and competitive element to any game.


The matchmaker makes it easy to find active opponents to play against in real-time and turn-based games.


The multiplayer engine makes it easy for users to set up and join matches where they can rapidly exchange data with opponents.

After exploring these concepts, you can move on to the Client Libraries and Server Framework sections for more in-depth examples.