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Getting started with Nakama

Nakama is an open source online and multiplayer framework consisting of a extensible server framework and various client SDKs to add powerful features to your game:

Server Framework

The most advanced game server that can be completely extended with Go, TypeScript/JavaScript and Lua to create server authoritative game logic and advanced features with greater control over permissions, storage engine and direct database access if you need it:

Client Libraries

Jump into a comprehensive guide for your engine:


Learn from easy-to-follow tutorials and complete sample games:

Nakama Enterprise

Nakama Enterprise extends Nakama Open Source with industry-leading clustering technology to horizontally scale your game to millions of players.

Nakama Enterprise is available as a private cloud deployment to exclusive partners or to all through our managed hybrid Heroic Cloud running on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Heroic Cloud

Learn how to monitor, manage and scale your games on Nakama Enterprise running on Heroic Cloud.


For Nakama Open Source


Report issues or submit pull requests on GitHub:

Get commercial support

Expert development resources while building, launching and scaling your game.

Peace of mind while the Heroic Labs team monitors your infrastructure and alerts.

Direct access to the Heroic Labs team over chat, syncs, priority phone support and face-to-face meetings.

Chat to the Heroic Labs team about ensuring your game runs smoothly when you need it to.

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Getting Started 3 Videos

A 3 part quickstart series to discover Nakama’s features, learn how to install Nakama with Docker on Digital Ocean and make your first API calls.

Server Runtime Setup 3 Videos

A 3 part series showing you how to setup Nakama’s Server Runtime Environments to write authoritative server code in TypeScript, Go or Lua.

Setup TypeScript Runtime
Setup TypeScript Runtime
9:20 mins / 1 of 3
Setup Go Runtime
Setup Go Runtime
10:31 mins / 2 of 3
Setup Lua Runtime
Setup Lua Runtime
7:14 mins / 3 of 3

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