Guides #

The core Hiro features provide the flexibility and functionality to create a variety of gameplay systems and social experiences in your games. In this section we provide examples of using Hiro’s capabilities to quickly add features to your game - like those seen in the most successful and popular titles available - that would otherwise require significant development time and resources.

Reconstructing Fun #

Reconstructing Fun is our video series exploring popular and engaging meta gameplay features from the biggest games in the industry, and then showing how you can implement them using Nakama and Hiro. Each episode will focus on a different feature, and will include a video walkthrough, a written guide, and sample code.

Collectible Cards

Learn how to implement a collectible card system and gameplay mechanics like those in Supercell's Clash Royale.

Event Leaderboard

Learn how to implement a event leaderboard system and gameplay mechanics like the in King's Cup from Royal Match.


Learn how you can quickly integrate quests and achievements like those in Blizzard's Hearthstone.

In-Game Store

Learn how to implement Fall Guys style in-game store.

Solo Live Event

Learn how to implement a solo live event and gameplay mechanics similar to Fortnite's battle pass system.