Concepts #

Hiro provides many features to help you in the development of your social, multiplayer, and realtime applications.

This section collects all of the major features and dives into the theory and practice of each.


An achievement is a task with incremental progression towards completion, with optional repeating schedules and rewards.


Create an analytics stream to send desired events to third-party services.


A donation system enables users to share in-game items (e.g. currency, energy, collectibles) whether as part of a group, as friends, or any other social dynamic present in your game.

Event Leaderboards

Use timed and scored event leaderboards to provide players a customized bucket of opponents to compete against.


Build your desired in-game economy, using features like virtual currencies, virtual stores, ad-based rewards, and piggy-banks.


Build one or more energy systems into your game to create a rewarding and engaging gameplay experience.


Create one or more tutorial sequences to welcome and onboard new users, or walk-through new features.


The GDK comes with direct integrations with Facebook, AppsFlyer, Unity, and Unity Purchasing.


Build an inventory system for players to manage their in-game consumables and collectibles.


Simple implementation of all leaderboard capabilities in Nakama, with built-in support for regional, team, and friends leaderboards.


Enable players to create, join, and search for teams for rich, social gameplay.


Include unlockable rewards via time-lock or for watching ad videos as another mechanism to drive player engagement.