App rating #

An app rating popup in Merge Chef 3D by Kyoso Interactive.
An app rating popup in Merge Chef 3D by Kyoso Interactive.

The user ratings a name receives can significantly impact its visibility and success. Positive ratings and reviews can help attract new users and improve your app’s ranking in app stores, which in turn can increase downloads and revenue.

Along with the focus on providing a high-quality gaming experience, you should be actively soliciting feedback from your most active and engaged users to ensure you receive positive ratings and reviews.

You can use the InAppReviewSystem to trigger a native app store review.

Initialize the review system #

The in-app review system relies an ILogger must be passed in as a dependency via the constructor.

var inAppReviewSystem = new InAppReviewSystem(Logger);

Trigerring a native app review #

You can trigger a native app review.


Email rating #

You can also let the user rate your application using the NakamaSystem’s RateAppAsync function which will trigger a feedback email to whichever email address is configured on the server.

var score = 5;
var message = "I love this game!";
await nakamaSystem.RateAppAsync(score, message);