Projects #

From the Projects dashboard you can view and manage all of your existing projects across all organizations, and create new projects.

Projects dashboard
Projects dashboard

Each tile on the dashboard provides the details of the corresponding project:

Project tile
Project tile

  • Environment: Indicates if this project is deployed to a Development or Production instance.
  • Update: Indicates a newer version of Nakama is available. We recommend updating your projects as soon possible so that you are always able to benefit for the latest features and improvements in Nakama server.
  • Status: Icon indicates the health of the infrastructure powering your game servers.
  • Project name: The display name of this project, and used in forming the hostname/URL used to access this project instance.
  • Organization: The organization this projects belongs to.
  • Description: The user provided project description, if any.
  • Running container: The current Docker image deployed. See Builders to learn more.

Creating projects #

For accounts not configured with automatic billing you must contact Heroic Labs support to provision new projects.

You can create a new project from your Organization or Projects dashboard.

When selecting the Project Type for your new project (Development vs. Production), keep in mind that development projects are meant for testing purposes only and do not offer any scaling or upgrade options beyond the initial deployed infrastructure.

  1. From the dashboard page, select the New Project tile. The Create your Project page is displayed.
    Create Project
    Create Project
  2. Provide the following details for your new project:
    • Organization: The Organization this project will be associated with. Use the drop-down to select from your available Organizations.
    • Project Name: Enter a unique identifier for your project. Only alphanumeric characters may be used and cannot exceed 20 characters in length.
    • Description: Enter a short description of this project for easy identification.
    • Nakama Image: Use the drop-down to select the Nakama version this project will be deployed with. This can be changed to custom images you create via your builders later.
    • Deployment Zone: Use the drop-down to select your desired deployment zone from the available options. Contact Heroic Labs if you need additional deployment zone options.
    • Project Type: Indicate if this project is a Development or Production environment.
  3. For Production projects only, select your desired Support Tier.
  4. Provision your project.

Updating project images #

Projects are not automatically updated to use any newly built images, you must perform this update manually.

After successfully building a new image, update your project to use the new image:

  1. Navigate to the Project configuration tab.
  2. Use the Update Image drop-down to select the newly built image to be used.
  3. Click Save Changes to deploy your project with the new image. Note that this will cause a rolling reboot.

Backups #

All Heroic Cloud project databases are backed up automatically as part of a Point In Time Recovery (PITR) system comprised of 7 differential backups, each taken every 4 hours.

These backups are maintained as binary differentials for the express purpose of bringing the system back into a previous good state as fast as possible. They are not available to export out of Heroic Cloud.

Contact us if you require a backup export.