Social Infrastructure at Scale

What is Nakama?

Nakama is a distributed server for social and realtime games and apps. It includes a large set of services for users, data storage, and realtime client/server communication; as well as specialized APIs like realtime multiplayer, groups/guilds, and chat.

You can easily add Nakama to your games to power additional features alongside your existing services and tools. Have a look at the clients pages which include setup and examples for Unity.

Nakama Features

Have a look at the features page for a complete breakdown of all server capabilities.

  • built for the cloud User Accounts Every player has a user account which can be authenticated by device IDs, social profiles, and many more, or by your own custom server.

  • social server Social Login Add social login and enable all users to sign in or link with Facebook, Google, Steam, and other providers; and start playing right away.

  • data backup Data Storage Create records for each user and global ones shared for all users. This could be save games, maps, items, and other gameplay objects.

  • always online In-game Chat Send realtime chat messages directly to other individual users, to groups they belong to, or to open "named" chat rooms.

  • operations management Friends Users can add friends and import them from a social network. See who is online, chat in realtime, challenge them to matches, and more.

  • core game apis Groups Groups join together a set of users. A group could contain friends and other users to form guilds or clans. Every user can search for groups to join.

  • realtime Realtime Multiplayer Full capabilities with a powerful server-authoritative option. Have users join the action mid-match or setup new private or public matches.

  • strong consistancy Turn-based Multiplayer Build asynchronous (PvP) or Turn-based matches. Notifications can be sent in realtime when turns are completed.

  • local development Game Engine Support Build the next big hit for mobile, console, desktop, and web with Nakama. First-class game engine integration for ease of development.

Nakama servers can be run on macOS, Windows, and various Linux distributions.

Example Games

  • Realtime gameplay Built with low-latency scalable design. Power realtime shooters or any other competitive games.

  • Player vs Player Search for opponents in guilds, groups, or friends to play PvP whether it’s active or passive gameplay.

  • Puzzlers Store progress, add user generated levels, and send gifts to players. Track it all within a user’s virtual wallet.

  • Social games Team up with friends, compete together, or against each other. Drive competition via social leaderboards.

  • MMO/MOBA Fill worlds with players and run live events. Run in-game group chat to increase guild combat efficiency.

  • Arcade Compete against friends' best scores. Distribute daily virtual rewards and boost each round of play.

Getting Started

Are you brand new to Nakama? Start by downloading Nakama.