Custom game server logic

Extend Nakama with custom plugins or integrate 3rd party providers
to run game code on the server

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Validate gameplay

Run custom game logic on Nakama to validate player inputs and maintain canonical game state.

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Extend Nakama

Trigger your own code on Nakama in response to game events, timers, and external actions.

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Go deeper

Nothing is off-limits. Direct database access, create custom modules, hook into your existing systems.

The most flexible and powerful game server you’ll find

Nakama gives you as much control over the server as you have client-side.
If you can imagine it, you can make Nakama do it.

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Server framework API

Build precisely the functionality your game needs direct into your game server.
  • Write your business logic in Typescript, Javascript, Go and Lua
  • Hook code onto just about any events
  • Make RPC calls from client code or securely use the REST API from anywhere
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Direct database access

Run your own SQL queries direct on the game database. No restrictions.
  • Full read/write access
  • Process data in your own on-server code or pass to third-party services
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Game world validation

Control every last part of your game universe
  • Validate and manipulate client input
  • Schedule background maintenance tasks
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Integrate with external services

Nakama integrates with whatever services you need: whether in-house, from your publisher, or third-party.
  • Add support for any auth method you need
  • REST API to trigger custom code and events on Nakama

The Nakama open source server solution and the expertise provided by Heroic offered my team the freedom to focus on providing the best user experience for our players.

The Heroic team helped us through development problems by walking us through building our own custom LUA endpoints, or extending the Nakama server for our use cases in a timely manner in patches and new releases.

Grant Arundell - Lead Technical Developer at Session Games

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