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Competitive Gameplay

From hyper competitive eSports, to running casual tournaments. Infrastructure designed for long term engagement

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Sm matchmaking


Create matches for realtime, turn-based, asynchronous games or implement your custom gameplay.

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Sm tournaments


Schedule, advertise, and manage competitions that will take place in your game world.

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Sm leaderboards


Super-flexible leaderboards that let your player see where they are and which way is up.

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Players want bragging rights,
you want long-term engagement

Plug into your players' competitive streak by pitting them against each other. Match players, run tournaments, and maintain leaderboards to add a deeper dimension to your games.

Lg matchmaking and listing


Bring opponents and teammates together according to skill, language, or any criteria you choose.

  • Free text search for totally custom matches
  • No limits on gaming model: realtime, turn-based, or whatever you choose
  • Automatically filters out impossible matches
  • Power 1 v 1 or many vs many matches
Lg tournaments


Tournaments turn your games into can’t-miss events. With a fully flexible tournaments system, you can set the criteria that make sense for your players.

  • Launch instantly or schedule for a future time
  • You set the joining criteria, from open for all to condition based
  • Optionally run your tournaments as server-authoritative
Lg leaderboard


Fully configurable leaderboards put your players right in the heart of the action, at every skill level.

  • Create unlimited leaderboards
  • Track any number: fastest lap, most kills, quickest level completion
  • Pinpoint specific players and compare against friends and similarly skilled competitors
  • Find and blacklist cheaters

As a fast moving team, Nakama helps us rapidly prototype projects and provides a consistent framework for our teams to standardize around.

Jurie Wessels, Engineering Manager at Dapper Labs
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