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Create organisations, setup projects, invite colleagues

Collaboratively operate, manage and monitor your Nakama instances on the Heroic Cloud platform.

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Batteries Included

A project includes a pre-configured Nakama instance, a database, load balancers, DNS records and more.

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Nakama Enterprise

We bundle Nakama Enterprise licenses as part of your project deployment on our cloud platform.

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Own Your Data

Your application data belongs to you and is stored separately to all other users in our cloud. Easily export backups for your own analysis.

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Dedicated Resources

Your instance is exclusively assigned to you with dedicated hardware resources.

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SSL Enabled

All projects in Heroic Cloud have SSL-enabled load balancers out of the box.

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Easy Scaling

Simple scale out allows you to go from a few servers to dozens within minutes.

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Data Backups

Automated, scheduled database backups will ensure you can roll back in case of bad deployments.

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Multi-Region Deployment

Heroic Cloud servers are deployed on Google Cloud and are available in North America, Europe and Asia. Other regions can be added on request.

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Aggregated Logs

Logs from all your nodes are aggregated in a central place which allows you to search for entities.

Continuous Integration built right into Heroic Cloud

We’ve created a tightly-knit integration pipeline that feeds your custom Lua or Go code into your running projects.

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Fixed, fair pricing.

Dedicated resources ensure you pay for allocated capacity.
Expand capacity within seconds without downtime.

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