Heroic Labs Partners with Paradox Interactive to Unite an Empire of Audiences

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August 11, 2020
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Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Paradox Interactive, a AAA developer and publisher of games across all platforms, to enable them to bring cross-platform multiplayer to all of their players regardless of where they buy and play Paradox games.

This new platform-independent multiplayer system is powered by Nakama, our realtime server for apps and games, which allows Paradox to offer multiplayer through a free in-game Paradox account. Once signed in, players will be seamlessly able to connect to every other Imperator: Rome player in any store or ecosystem to enjoy a truly universal experience.

As gaming continues its meteoric growth and is the number one source of entertainment for billions of people across the world, we see an increase in not only platforms but also a growth in games stores with the likes of the Epic Game Store, Steam, GOG.com, and stores from publishers themselves such as the Paradox Store.

With this growth also comes fragmentation which siloes players off from their friends; whether that’s the platform itself not enabling multiplayer across other platforms, or simply being cut off due to being locked into a specific store’s multiplayer functionalities.

Studios can circumvent this subpar player experience by offering their own services to players in conjunction with existing frameworks. Paradox chose Nakama to become the bedrock of their online services to power real-time multiplayer, social features, user authentication, and accounts all in one offering across their extensive catalogue of titles which allows their development teams to focus on gameplay and their communities rather than building and managing infrastructure.

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