Announcing The Nakama Developer Console

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April 25, 2019
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With the release of Nakama 2.5.0, we have included a reimagined and updated Developer Console. This console has been bundled with Nakama itself, allowing you to access it when running Nakama locally as well as when deployed in the cloud. You can navigate to it on your browser when running Nakama on

As with all of our core offerings at Heroic Labs, the console code is open-source and we welcome any and all contributions from our community.

We’ve packed in quite a few features to make the console capable of helping developers accelerate development, monitor the status and health of Nakama nodes, and much more. Let’s take a look below:

Developer Console

The much requested Status page offers developers an overview of their server. This will allow you to evaluate the health of your server at a glance and help you determine when to scale out more nodes as your game grows.

If you would prefer to automate this functionality, our Heroic Cloud can handle scaling for you and your team.

Developer Console

Digging deeper, the configuration page allows you to quickly ensure all of your settings are tuned for your preferences and up to date. Don’t forget to change your server keys for production!

Developer Console

To evaluate user data, the Users page allows you to quickly search for players and view their data. One of our engineers likes to go by the handle ‘Batman’. We try to judge him only a little bit.

Developer Console

This interface allows technical staff to quickly look into a user account to determine their status. You can easily ban, delete, or export a player record from this screen.

Developer Console

With Nakama having a flexible storage API, we wanted to ensure that developers could have a high level overview of the state of each player. This will help with debugging any issues encountered in development.

This new developer console represents a large step forward in making Nakama even more accessible and transparent to all developers. With this addition, teams have even more insight into their game and the server itself — allowing you to focus on what you do best — building engaging games for players across all platforms.

Thanks for joining us on our journey to enable all developers to build the games of their dreams with Nakama.

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