Mojiworks: Leading the Way in Gaming on Discord Activities

With the release of Chef Showdown on Discord Activities, Mojiworks are paving the way for a new era in gaming – powered by the Heroic Game Stack - where the joy of playing is enhanced by the strength of social connections.

The challenge

Developing for a new platform is always challenging, but Mojiworks' experience in social game design and Heroic Labs' Nakama and Heroic Cloud made the transition to Discord Activities seamless.


Discord Activities





Mojiworks’ Game (and Platform) Changing Launch

“It’s been an epic year for Mojiworks”, marked by a landmark achievement – the launch of Chef Showdown, in partnership with Discord on an entirely new platform: Activities. While the platform may be new, Mojiworks still relied on their tried-and-tested, and trusted, backend Nakama to power Chef Showdown’s social and competitive features.

Launching on an untested platform, and uncertain about the potential audience during global rollout, Mojiworks took advantage of the massive scalability of Heroic Cloud to ensure a smooth launch and player experience as Chef Showdown quickly drew more than a million players in its first weekend.

This release, which has already captivated millions of players, is just the beginning of Mojiworks’ commitment to developing games for Discord Activities, with Nakama and Heroic Cloud being integral to their success.

Chef Showdown gameplay
Chef Showdown gameplay

A Culinary Battle in the Heart of Discord

Chef Showdown, the first step in Mojiworks’ ambitious journey, is a testament to the studio’s expertise in crafting high-quality, social games. Anyone can create or join an Activity, enabling players to quickly jump into a game and battle it out with their friends, or simply watch the battle and cheer their favorites along.

This culinary battle game has not only attracted millions of players but also set the standard for native-quality games on Discord, accessible on both mobile and desktop.

Essential Ingredients: Nakama and Heroic Cloud

Integral to Mojiworks’ vision of developing a suite of games for this emerging platform is Nakama, Heroic Labs’ advanced game server. Nakama provides a powerful and flexible set of features that can be used to power the social and competitive aspects any modern game across all available platforms, whether that’s mobile, console, web, or something entirely new.

Nakama’s robust features enable real-time multiplayer gameplay for Chef Showdown, and provide easy integration of groups, tournaments, leaderboards, in-game economies, and much more. The Mojiworks team also rely on Heroic Cloud, providing a scalable architecture, easy deployment management, and comprehensive monitoring and support to guarantee a seamless launch for their ground-breaking title.

Looking Ahead

With Chef Showdown setting a high bar, Mojiworks is already looking ahead to bigger and more ambitious projects on Discord Activities, again leaning on the foundation provided by the Heroic Game Stack to build their next hit.

Their journey is focused on harnessing their unique knowledge and experience to innovate in the realm of social gaming. Mojiworks is not just creating games, they are crafting experiences that redefine how friendships are formed and nurtured in the digital age. Heroic Labs providing the backend and scalability enables the Mojiworks team to focus entirely on the creative aspects of making games and delighting audiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration. Mojiworks and Heroic Labs are not just participating in the future of social gaming – they are actively shaping it.

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