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May 6, 2024

Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Launch

Player anticipation has been building for the latest title from MADFINGER Games, Gray Zone Warfare. Then finally, on April 30th, they were first able to experience the engaging and innovative gameplay of the new first-person shooter from this talented, Czech Republic based studio as the game entered Early Access on Steam.

Launching a game on Steam is a significant milestone for any studio, but for MADFINGER Games it was a particularly important moment. Gray Zone Warfare is the studio’s first foray into the AAA, first-person shooter genre on PC, and the team was eager to see how the game would be received by the gaming community.

They didn’t have to wait long to find out. The game quickly gained traction, with a peak CCU of over 66,000 players in the first few hours after launch, and over 500K sales in the first few days, it’s safe to say this was a great start.

Gray Zone Warfare on Steam Top Sellers

But early success can also present its own challenge as the needed to ensure that the game could handle the influx of players and provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

This is where Heroic Labs came in, providing the backend infrastructure that powered Gray Zone Warfare, ensuring that the game could scale to meet the demands of its player base, and monitoring the game’s performance to check that everything was running smoothly.

Heroic Labs team
At the annual offsite, the Heroic Labs team monitors the launch.

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