Invincibles Studio Selects Heroic Game Stack

Invincibles Studio, developers the hit Soccer Manager series, have selected Heroic Labs and the Heroic Game Stack to power their current and future titles.

The studio

Established in 2004, this UK-based studio brings decades of experience and knowledge in building and operating successful games.



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The self-described football fanatics at Invincibles Studio have been developing the Soccer Manager series since 2004, building a loyal and devoted fan base along the way. With over 75 million downloads and 1 million active players across their titles and supported platforms, the studio has established itself as a leader in the sports management genre and continues to grow year on year.

Having started with browser-based games, the studio has since expanded to mobile platforms, and over the course of the series’ development have seen monumental shifts in the games industry. The team at Invincibles Studio has always been at the forefront of these changes, and they are now looking to the future with the Heroic Game Stack.

Originally built on a custom backend, the studio has been looking to modernize their infrastructure and improve the player experience. After evaluating the now diverse landscape of game development tools and services, Invincibles Studio selected Heroic Labs to power their current and future titles.

“After reviewing other Gaming Backed-as-a-Service providers in the market, what helped us make our decision to use Heroic was not only the comprehensive feature set, but primarily their flexible business model, allowing us to start by using Nakama as an open-source tool, while still being able to leverage their paid add-ons such as Hiro. This provided us with the best of both worlds, as we can start small, and scale up our integration as the project matures, as well as keeping a handle on costs along the way.” - Nathan Broadbent, Technical Director, Invincibles Studio

The Heroic Game Stack provides the studio with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to build, operate, and scale their games, so that their focus can remain on creating the best possible experience for their players.

Nakama Powers the Backend

The first step in the transition to the Heroic Game Stack was to migrate the studio’s existing backend to Nakama, our open-source server for realtime and social games. Nakama provides the studio with a powerful and flexible backend that can be easily integrated into their existing games, and will allow them to build new features to enhance gameplay and the overall player experience.

The Invincibles team quickly got up to speed with Nakama’s intuitive APIs, and are now taking advantage of the full range of features, including Authentication, Notifications, and the realtime multiplayer capabilities that Nakama provides.

Hiro Helps Build the Future

With the backend migration nearly complete, the studio is already looking to the future with Hiro, our game development kit that enables teams to rapidly prototype, build, and expand their games and game features.

Again the team have been able to quickly get up to speed with Hiro and are already building new features and content for their upcoming games. Hiro’s powerful and flexible tools have allowed the studio to build and iterate on new ideas quickly, and the team is excited to see what they can create with Hiro in the future. Having already integrated many of Hiro’s systems into their games, including Inventory, Economy, Progression, and others, the studio is looking ahead to upcoming features and how it can power the next iteration of the Soccer Manager series.

Hiro’s upcoming Auctions feature is one Invincibles Studio is particularly excited about, as it will allow them to further innovate and enhance the in-game auctions of player cards, a key feature of their games. Further ahead, the studio is looking to integrate Hiro’s Event Leaderboards system and an upcoming Knockout Tournament feature to provide new and exciting ways for players to engage with their games.

The Future of Invincibles Studio

With current and future Soccer Manager titles to be powered by the Heroic Game Stack, Invincibles Studio is working on a new title that will leverage the full power of Nakama and Hiro to create a deep, engaging experience for players beyond the already impressive Soccer Manager series.

We can’t share details on the new title just yet, but we’re excited to see what the team at Invincibles Studio can create with the Heroic Game Stack. Stay tuned for more updates on the studio’s progress and the upcoming title, which wil include a detailed dive into how the studio is leveraging the Heroic Game Stack to build and operate their games.

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