Social Infrastructure At Scale

Heroic Labs sponsors further development of ZHeap for PostgreSQL.

Announcing partnership with CYBERTECH to sponsor the open-source development of ZHeap for PostgreSQL

Heroic Labs Partners with Paradox Interactive to Unite an Empire of Audiences.

Introducing Heroic Cloud - Games Infrastructure at Scale.

Heroic Labs partners with the Defold Foundation to further open-source game development.

The Future of Cross-Platform Gaming

Heroic Labs supports Godot Development

Nakama powering educational titles for Hashstash

iDream Interactive scaling with Nakama

Announcing Nakama 2.6.0

Announcing the next step of the Nakama community

How to create an in-game currency

Letta by Radmule Labs

The Nakama Developer Console

The Jolly Rogers — An open-source Unity game for Nakama

Cocos2d-x support for Nakama

C++ Client Library Release for Nakama

Nakama Enterprise — Scaling Games for Millions of Players

Nakama 2.0 - Scale for millions of concurrent players

Announcing Nakama — world’s first open source social server for games and apps