Heroic Newsletter: November 2023

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November 1, 2023
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Find out about our latest activities (including some of our newest video tutorials), learn how the Furious Avocado team embraced Hiro, discover how to use ML/AI for match logic, catch up on the latest news, and more.

Reconstructing Fun Video Series

If you don’t already follow our YouTube channel, now is the perfect time to check it out! We’ve launched our newest video series, Reconstructing Fun, where each episode examines a game mechanic from hugely successful titles, such as Royal Match and Clash Royale, and then shows you how you can quickly and easily integrate similar gameplay into your projects using Hiro and Nakama!

The first two episodes are available now - walking you through Collectible Card and Event Leaderboard mechanics - with more coming soon! And to make it easy to follow along, each video is accompanied by a repository with the sample code used in the project as well as a written guide.

Furious Avocado Goes Hybrid-Casual

Furious Avocado's games
Furious Avocado's games

One of hyper-casual gaming’s biggest success stories, Furious Avocado are the team behind hits such as Tie Dye and Candle Craft. Looking to build on that success by expanding into deeper social mechanics and richer gameplay experiences in hybrid-casual gaming, this small team are taking advantage of the capabilities provided by Hiro and Nakama to expand their game catalog without needing to expand their headcount and costs. Read all about it here.

AI/ML Meets Nakama

AI/ML Meets Nakama
AI/ML Meets Nakama

Whether you follow the tech industry or not you can’t help but hear about the latest innovations and capabilities of Machine Learning and Large Language Models everywhere in the space, and naturally our Nakama engineers wanted to get involved!

Read our latest blog post from Max, VP of Engineering here at Heroic, on how you can integrate any desired pre-trained model into your match logic in Nakama.

Catch Up on the Latest News

Make sure you’re up to date on feature announcements, important guidance, new documentation, and more.

  • We’ve just released Nakama 3.18.0 some new features along with the usual improvements and fixes. Read the full 3.18.0 release notes here.
  • Satori continues to add new features - such as Facebook App-to-User messaging - while also expanding on the comprehensive Segmentation and Experimentation capabilities available from the start. Read the full release notes here to see the latest updates.
  • Hiro, our newest product here at Heroic only continues to get better! We’ve added some exciting features - Progression, Stats, Incentives. Check out the release notes for full details on the latest improvements, and contact us to get started today.

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