Heroic Newsletter: February 2024

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February 1, 2024
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Find out about our latest activities (including an exclusive event to kickoff PGC London), how the Bandai Namco Mobile team have chosen the Heroic Game Stack to build all their new titles, and catch up on the latest news.

Bandai Namco Mobile and the Heroic Game Stack

Bandai Namco Mobile

If you’re like us, Bandai Namco and their titles hold a special place in your heart and childhood. So we were thrilled when Bandai Namco Mobile chose Heroic Labs and our industry leading game tech to power all of their upcoming titles and bring this storied brand to a new medium and generation of players.

We recently sat down with Bandai Namco Mobile’s founding engineer, Andre Parodi, to discuss his plans for the studio and how Heroic Labs will be powering all their upcoming titles. Check out the full story on our blog.

Heroic Labs at PGC London

PGC London is one of our favorite events, and this year we’re more excited than ever! Along with co-hosting an exclusive VIP roundtable with our friends at Deconstructor of Fun and AppsFlyer to kick off the conference, we were able to catch up with many of our friends in the industry, and make lots more!

Read all about the event here.

PGC London show floor

We loved getting to meet with so many community members, partners, and friends, but if you didn’t get a chance to drop by our booth, we’d still love to talk.

Contact us to set up a time to chat. And if you couldn’t make it to PGC this year, don’t worry, we have many more events planned for 2024 - stay tuned!

Official Nakama Swift SDK Released

With a huge thanks to our community contributor Faiad Sufyan for the hard work in making this possible, the Nakama Swift SDK v1.0 has been officially released!

Our mission with Nakama has always been to democratize game development, making full-featured game tech available to all developers, not just the largest studios, and we’re thrilled to now be able to support the community of Swift developers. We’re excited to see the early adoption so far and looking forward to see what you create!

Catch Up on the Latest News

Make sure you’re up to date on feature announcements, important guidance, new documentation, and more.

  • We’ve just released Nakama v3.20 - with many improvements to the JavaScript engine. Read the full 3.20.0 release notes here.
  • Satori introduces more in-depth Live Events configs, a new in-place editor and many more user experience improvements. Read the full release notes here to see the latest updates.
  • Hiro v1.18 introduces more Energy types, as well as ways to connect to various personalizers. Rave reviews for early adopters (such as Bandai Namco Mobile!) about the ease of use and massive development time savings.

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