Heroic Cloud East Asia Region Announced

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June 2, 2021
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Today we are excited to share that we have expanded Heroic Cloud into East Asia.

Heroic Cloud is the easiest way to ship and scale production game servers built with Nakama, our open source scalable game server for JavaScript, Unity, Godot, Defold, Unreal and more.

Heroic Cloud is now available in three regions, offering greater global coverage than ever before:

  • United States East
  • Europe West
  • New East Asia (Seoul)

Our East Asia region gives publishers and developers control over compliance, security and the lowest latency for realtime, social and competitive multiplayer games in the Asia-Pacific region.

Heroic Cloud

With Nakama you can focus on rapidly building social and competitive games without having to develop your own realtime and scalable multiplayer architecture.

Similarly, Heroic Cloud solves the challenges and takes away the burden of deploying, securing and scaling your own server infrastructure, so that you can do what you do best - building games.

Heroic Cloud eliminates challenges with:

  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance for servers, databases, load balancers, DNS records, SSL and more.
  • Scaling infrastructure in minutes to rapidly meet demand when your game goes viral.
  • Automated data backups and rollbacks to make sure you never lose your valuable player data when disaster strikes.
  • Deploying to multiple regions to take your game globally, meet local compliance and give your players the lowest latency.
  • Monitoring your game performance, searching logs, and inspecting code and data.

Heroic Cloud Dashboard

Download Nakama

Zynga, Paradox Interactive, GSN Games and so many other leading publishers and studios repeatedly choose Nakama to build their viral live games.

Get started with Nakama now:

  1. Install Nakama on your machine
  2. Install a Nakama client library for your engine
  3. Play our sample game, it’s open source!
  4. Learn how to build our sample game in Unity

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