Games Grant Update: Ninja Battle

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November 8, 2021
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In September we announced the first Heroic Games Grant recipients and promised to provide updates as development of these games got under way.

Today we are happy to show the progress of Ninja Battle, developed by Alan Gaspar and artist Monica Murillo, collaborating together as Bochi Games.

In two months since receiving their Heroic Games Grant, Bochi Games have nearly finished development of Ninja Battle, including implementation of the following Nakama features:

  • Authentication, Sessions and Users
  • Storage Engine
  • Matches
  • Multiplayer Engine with Server Authoritative Multiplayer

Alan described his experience developing with Nakama:

“It has been a great experience developing our game with Nakama, the documentation is excellent and the support you get on the forums is really helpful. We will definitely be using Nakama for future projects.”

A gameplay video of the current game build is below:

With only some animations left to be implemented, Alan and Monica are looking forward to the completion and public availability of Ninja Battle before the holidays. Watch our Heroic Labs blog and follow us on Twitter to find out when you can try Ninja Battle yourself.

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