Heroic Labs and Code Wizards Announce Ongoing Partnership

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May 31, 2023
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Life's better in co-op, and when you need a top-class team and industry leading tech, speak to Code Wizards and Heroic Labs!

Heroic Labs is excited to announce the formation of a new partnership with Code Wizards that will mutually benefit both companies and all of our respective users and customers.

Founded in 2003 in Theale, England, Code Wizards have dedicated themselves to solving the hardest technical problems and providing the snazziest creative services for some of the world’s leading game and esports companies, including folks like AWS Game Tech, Epic Online Services, Unity (Multiplay), and Microsoft.

Our two teams share many of the same qualities, and so have always worked well together for the benefit of our customers. High performing and battle-hardened yet always good-humored and humble, both the Heroic Labs and Code Wizards teams will move heaven and earth to ensure we clearly understand and (over)deliver on customer requirements.

As two of the leading presences in the game tech industry, Heroic Labs and Code Wizards have worked adjacently for years and we are both committed to providing the best possible range of products and services to our customers and community. This relationship grew closer in the wake of the deprecation of AWS GameSparks when both of our firms, as members of the AWS Partner network, were integral in assisting game studios in migrating: Heroic Labs providing the core game tech and Code Wizards the professional services to quickly and effectively implement the new solution.

In formalizing a closer partnership, we will now be able more easily and effectively share our expertise and resources to better serve our customers and the wider game development community. We have some exciting plans in the works, so stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks and months!

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