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Announcing Nakama 2.6.0


Matthew Revell

02 Jul 2019

Nakama 2 6 0

Today, July 2nd 2019, we want to share exciting news of what our latest release, Nakama 2.6.0, brings you.

Take a look at the release notes for full details but let’s focus on four changes in particular:

Let’s dive in.

Cache control headers in all API responses

Usually, only POST requests should not be cached. However, Nakama 2.6.0 sets cache-control headers on all API responses so that content should never be cached by the client.

We’ve made this change because some HTTP clients cache result internally (e.g. iOS WebView) and this could result in out of date information. With this change, clients should always get the most up to date information from the server and not cache results internally.

Nakama now supports CockroachDB 19.1.

If you run Nakama with CockroachDB, you can now use their version 19.1 release.

CockroachDB 19.1 brings with it improvements in security, performance, and usability. You can see more in their release announcement.

This means that Nakama 2.6.0 now supports CockroachDB’s transparent data encryption at rest. In other words, when configured to do so CockroachDB will automatically encrypt your data when it stores it.

This release of CockroachDB offers data locality, meaning that where workloads are geo-distributed Nakama can write to and read from the CockroachDB instances that are closest.

Lastly, this release of CockroachDB integrates with LDAP directory services, making it easier to align with corporate auth policies.