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Announcing Heroic Games Grant


Erlend Sogge Heggen

04 May 2021

Heroic games grants

Heroic Games Grant

Today we are launching our very own micro-grant for multiplayer games, inspired by similar grant programs in the open source ecosystem. We want to connect with indie game developers who are making multiplayer games, which in turn can make full use of Nakama.

Accepted applicants will receive $1,000 in cash to work part-time on their game, plus free hosting on our Heroic Cloud for a year. An additional $500 can optionally be paid in exchange for a tutorial based on the funded work.


We require that the source code of your game is made publicly available under the Apache v2.0 license by the end of the funding period. This is our way of ensuring that the work produced with this fund is available to everyone for learning purposes.

Upon the conclusion of the funded work, you are free to continue your project under a different license or even a private fork, so long as the original Apache-licensed version remains available.


You can make your game with whichever tools you prefer:

Heroic games grants accepted engines

There is a wide array of Nakama example games you can learn from; you can even propose an extension or remix of one of these games as your submission!


We are taking applications for the next two weeks, from 4rd of May to 18th of May. Our application form will remain open indefinitely, but later applicants might have to wait for a future round of micro-grants.

The work will take place over two months, starting when you receive the first half of the $1,000 payment.

Please fill in this Google Form to apply for this grant.
(Alternatively, feel free to email us.)