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Update on Hosting of Docker Images


Gabriel Pene

04 Jul 2022


Keen-eyed observers of the Nakama repository may have noticed some changes to the Docker pull commands in the provided compose files, and in our Docker installation guide.

We recently started working with Scarf to try and gain a deeper understanding of how our Nakama packages are being used. This involves setting up the Scarf Gateway as a central access point - the you may have seen - to redirect traffic to the registry where Nakama packages are being hosted.

You can learn more about Scarf here.

What’s changed

Not a whole lot, just how we reference our Docker images in the Nakama repository and our documentation.

Where before it looked like: heroiclabs/nakama

Now it is:

That’s it!

How this affects you

You can continue to pull Nakama images directly from Docker Hub if you want to, so really this may not affect you at all.

We ask and hope that you will start using our own pseudo-registry via Scarf Gateway so that we can have accurate pull counts, meaningful data of the platforms and versions being used, and other general data to help us best understand growth and plan future releases.

It is important to note that no personally identifiable information is stored or shared. Scarf looks up IP address metadata, but the raw IP addresses are discarded and never exposed. This metadata may contain:

If you have any questions about these changes, you can always contact us.