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Heroic Labs is a proud member of the
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Heroic Solutions on AWS

Heroic Labs is the leading provider of game server technologies, infrastructure and analytics.Build and run online games made with Unreal Engine, Unity, Godot and more on AWS.

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Nakama Enterprise

Enterprise scale as part of your project deployment on Heroic Cloud.

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Powered by Heroic Cloud

Nakama Enterprise running on our scalable and managed Heroic Cloud on AWS.

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AWS Private Cloud

Nakama Enterprise running in your private AWS cloud managed by Heroic Labs. Contact us.

Scale your game on AWS

Nakama powered by Heroic Cloud is built to work with: 
Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3 and Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).

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All open-source features

Nakama powered by Heroic Cloud includes all the features available in Nakama Open-source.

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Batteries Included

A project includes a pre-configured Nakama instance, a database, load balancers, DNS records and more.

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Easy Scaling

Easy manual or automated vertical and horizontal scaling allows you to go from a few servers to dozens within minutes.

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Dedicated Resources

Your instance is exclusively assigned to you with dedicated hardware resources.

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SSL Enabled

All projects in Heroic Cloud have SSL-enabled load balancers out of the box.

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Data Backups

Automated, scheduled database backups will ensure you can roll back when needed.

We are pleased to be collaborating with Amazon Game Tech to bring Nakama to a wide range of developers already using AWS’s services. Nakama is designed first as a cloud-native product and will feel right at home in the AWS ecosystem and Marketplace. We look forward to expanding our game development community and how they will use Nakama to its fullest potential to create more social, engaging and competitive games.

Mo Firouz, COO and Co-founder of Heroic Labs

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