Social Infrastructure At Scale

Nakama: Realtime, social competitive game server

Open-source scalable game server that lets you focus on building games

Trusted by AAA studios to power mobile & console games


Nakama is a unique product built upon carefully selected tech with a beautifully implemented system. We placed Nakama at the heart of our game technology stack smoothly, and it has since proven itself multiple times over.

Engin Erenturk - CTO at Gram Games

Never choose between gameplay or infrastructure

Nakama delivers everything you need for realtime, social, and multiplayer experiences. You focus on building amazing games, while Nakama gives you an open-source toolbox to build, deploy, and monetize.

Realtime in no time

Create rich realtime gameplay experiences with just a few lines of code.

A competitive advantage

Engage players and keep bringing them back with out-of-the-box competitive functionality.

  • Unlimited dynamic leaderboards
  • Casual and scheduled tournaments
  • In-game currencies and economics
  • Build rewarded tiered leagues


Every game can be social with Nakama. Build a loyal player base with minimal overhead.

Unlimited customization

Add custom features to Nakama and build your gameplay rules directly into the server.

Massively scalable


Supporting you from soft-launch all the way to being featured: designed for effortless horizontal scaling.

Deploy anywhere

Cloud neutral

Nakama is equally at home in Heroic Cloud, your private data center, and your preferred public cloud.

Open source

Open source

Develop locally, deploy anywhere. Nakama is open source, meaning you are in charge. Own the infrastructure, own the data.


Asteroids Asteroids2

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