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Social Infrastructure at Scale

Own your infrastructure

Nakama is an open-source realtime server for apps and games.

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Proven Technology

Nakama powers some of the most popular brands and games in the world. It is being used to power games and apps for millions of users worldwide.

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Effortlessly Scalable

Multi-server clustering technology based on cutting edge research into gossip protocols and replicated data types.

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01 What is Nakama

Nakama is an open-source scalable server that makes building social
and realtime apps and games dramatically easier.

  • Standalone Server

    Nakama is a fast, realtime, extensible, open-source server built to power games and apps. It does not depend on any external services.

  • Own Your Data

    Wherever you choose to deploy the server you have full control over the database and the data will always belong to you.

  • Horizontally scalable

    Nakama is designed to cluster for simple scale out and uses in-memory replicated data types with dotted version vectors.

  • Deploy anywhere

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02 Customers

Loved and used by many...

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Install in seconds on Windows, macOS and Linux

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Better for Business

  • Open-source codebase prevents lock-in and offers flexibility over your tools.
  • State-of-the-art technology. Nakama is built by Heroic Labs and has an active community of developers from around the world.
  • Reduce development time. Nakama provides the most commonly used features in any app in one simple binary.
  • Own the infrastructure and data without any restrictions regardless of where you have deployed the servers.
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04 Build communities

Better for Users

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Better for Developers

Quickly integrate our simple, composable APIs that are battle-tested for scale and built for high availability. Nakama lets you spend your development time on app improvements and ship them faster.

  • Libraries that play nice with your existing stack for desktop, web, iOS, and Android — from Unity and Unreal to Defold.
  • Built-in script runtime, allows you to extend and override server behaviour to match your needs.
  • Chat directly with our friendly engineers anytime if you need support. Join the community on the forum.
local nk = require("nakama")

local function example(context, payload)
  local notification = {
    user_id = "someuserid",
    subject = "Epic workout! You've unlocked a secret item!",
    content = {item_id = "192308394345345"},
    code = 101
nk.register_rpc(example, "example_rpc_id")

06 Laser fast

> docker run --name=db cockroachdb/cockroach start --insecure # run once per upgrade > docker run --link=db heroiclabs/nakama migrate up --database.address root@db:26257 # start Nakama server > docker run --link=db -p 7350:7350 -p 7351:7351 heroiclabs/nakama --database.address root@db:26257


Features at a glance

Designed from the ground up for scale, Nakama is flexible as your core infrastructure.

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    Friends and Groups

    Use built-in social graph for friends and groups, add social login and build your own community of engaged users. Learn more

  • always online icon

    In-app Chat

    Users can chat with each other 1-on-1, as part of a group, and in chat rooms. Chat messages are optionally persisted if the user is not online. Learn more

  • realtime icon

    Real-time Multiplayer

    Based on a realtime binary protocol, you can build modern engaging realtime multiplayer matches. Nakama comes with a built-in matchmaker. Learn more

  • turn-based multiplayer

    Turn-based Multiplayer

    Nakama allows you to build turn based games. Use notifications to keep players engaged as their turn comes up. Learn more

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    Many Client Libraries

    Nakama has official client libraries for Unity (and Godot engine), Unreal , JavaScript , Android and Swift .

  • core game apis icon

    Built for any cloud

    Nakama is cloud-agnostic. Easily switch between cloud providers and avoid lock-in or run it on private servers. Learn more

  • local development icon

    Local Development

    Download Nakama to your personal machine and develop using the exact same server as you'd run and scale in the cloud. Learn more

  • oss apache licence icon

    OSS Apache Licence

    Nakama is free software, released under Apache license v2.0. Nakama has an active and growing developer community. Learn more